Fire My Words
Fire My Words


HERALD SUN A reporter's thorough and detailed account of his visit to the eerie DTG.
GO CAROLINAS A site telling all about the famous Tramping Ground and many other N.C. haunts.
D.H.ELITE A ghost hunting site dealing with the paranormal, the unexplained and the DTG.
UNSOLVED MYSTERIES A large website with an interesting telling of the Tramping Ground legend.
HORRORFIND.COM The directory/search engine dedicated to Horror, Halloween and Spooky subjects.
BRIDGE TO THE PARANORMAL A great site all about ghosts, hantings, UFOs and the supernatural
DEVIL'S TRAMPING GROUND An awesome website about the DTG and other N.C. ghosts and legends
O'NEILL'S GHOSTSTORIES Talk about the Devil's Tramping Ground on this huge message board
HAUNTED PAGES Great site with stories about the 'Ground and many other ghostly places
THE BROWN'S HOMEPAGE A cool write-up with pictures about the Devil's Tamping Ground
ARCHIVE X FORUM A personal account of one visitor's experience at the Tramping Ground
SNIPERNEST Website for the supernatural with a brief piece on the Devil's Tramping Ground
N.C. GHOST GUIDE Great site wih pics and info on the DTG and many other N.C. legends
HAUNTED WILMINGTON AND N.C. Contains pictures and info on several haunts including the DTG
SILER CITY ONLINE Homepage for the town of Siler City located 10 miles from the "Ground"
DEEP INSIDE DEVIL COUNTRY An online article with a great DTG run down and color pics from 1998
DEVIL'S TRAMPING GROUND STORY A nice site with a history and a black & white 1960s era photo
PRAIRIE GHOSTS A short description of the Devil's Tramping Ground with some very good directions
ORDER JOHN HARDEN'S BOOK Get a copy of the famous Devil's Tramping Ground book by John Harden
ASTEROIDS AND TRAMPING GROUND An essay connecting the apocalypse to the Tramping Ground
THE DEVELPOERS COMPANY A company located near the Tramping Ground with a breif description
NCSU TRAMPING GROUND A short description and history of the eerie Devil's Tramping Ground
POPPY Z. BRITE PAGE A site for the horror writer who mentions the DTG in her novel DRAWING BLOOD
PAGAN MYSTERIES A Pagan exploration of the Devil's Tramping Ground and its mysterious power
DEJA.COM NEWS SITE A message forum pertaining to the legendary North Carolina enigma
TRIANGLE GHOST STORIES A site about several NC legends including the Devil's Tramping Ground
ZODIACAL ZEPHYR The Devil's Tramping Ground, the bible and the ValueJet plane crash
HAUNTED NORTH CAROLINA A good site with a description and history of the Tramping Ground
RICK DOBLE ARTIST A North Carolina visual artist who has used the DTG in his works
BORDERLANDS WEBSITE A paranormal site that has done research on the Tramping Ground
ORDER TRAMPING GROUND SONG Bluegrass band NEW VINTAGE's official website
DEJA.COM TRAMPING GROUND A huge message forum about the Devil's Tramping Ground
HAUNTED AMERICA Another board that has threads about the Devil's Tramping Ground
CHILDREN'S STORIES The Tramping Ground legend as told by several school children
HAUNTED PLACES N.C. List of many N.C. haunts including the Devil's Tramping Ground
CHURCH OF THE EARTH A pagan website with an article on the Devil's Tramping Ground

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